Working in the rubble

When a building has collapsed, for instance by an explosion or earthquake, it is difficult for emergency services to establish if and where humans are buried beneath the rubble.

Then the RHH is able to assist the present emergency services.

Our dogs are capable to search an area of rubble in a very short time. They will alert the handler if one or more victims are buried under the debris and will pinpoint the location.

The way of alerting the handler of finding a victim varies for each individual dog, but is clear for the dog handler. The dog can alert the handler by groaning, scratching or barking and is resolute to get through the debris to the victims. In search mode, the dogs will ignore distracting noises and sounds, and will not be diverted by the presence of other people. The dogs are trained to ignore food or other temptations. As such, they will not indicate incorrect locations.

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Perhaps we can organize a training there...

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