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December 16th
Search for a missing man in the surroundings of Helmond. (more...)

The last planned trainingday this year of the RHH was canceled because of a deployment.

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The request for this search came from the RHWW who, in coörporation with the police, had the organisation of this search for a 54 year old man from Helmond.

Along with the RHH there were present teams of the RHWW, RWO, VRT, RHWZ, RHGG, RHGD, SRCN and ReddingshondenNU, in total 65 people and 45 dogs.

Sadly this search did not (yet) led to finding the victim.

On the 8th of january the body of the missing man was found in the Zuid-Willemsvaart.

June 13th
Search for a missing woman in the surroundings of Castricum. (more...)

On wednesday the 13th of june the RHH was asked by the RHWW to help them in a search for a 73 year old woman from Castricum.
In this joined deployment also worked together the RHWW, RWO, VRT, RHWZ, SRCN and the RHGG. In total 27 dogs and 41 volunteers.

On Thursday the 14th of june the police reported that the woman was located in the surroundings of Wijk aan Zee, in good health, 15 km outside the search area.

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March 18th
3rd search for a missing man in the surroundings of Ommen. (more...)

Again the help of the RHH was called upon to assist in the search of the missing man.

Earlier searches did not yet had a positive result.

In harsh conditions (rain, hail, snow and wind) the 11 volunteers and 10 dogs of the RHH have completed their search areas. Beside the RHH and RHWW, also the RWO, VRT, KAPPA and RHGG attended on this search. In total there were 49 persons and 34 rescuedogs active.

Sadly this joined search did not have a positive result.

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February 11th
2nd search for a missing man in the surroundings of Ommen. (more...)

The RHH took part in a large scale sequel search for the missing man in the surroundings of Ommen on request of the RHWW. Due a tip-off gained in last search, the search area was adjusted.

In total 36 search dogs and a staff of 47 were present, the RHH provided 8 dogs and 10 staff members. We coöperated with the RHWW, RWO, VRT and the RHGG.

Unfortunately, this search was without result.

February 4th
Search for a missing man in the surroundings of Ommen. (more...)

On request of the RHWW, the RHH took part in joint search for a man, age 47.
Other deployment teams present were RWO, RHGG, RHWZ, VRT, KAPPA, and of course the RHWW.

The RHH took part with 11 persons and 8 dogs.
In Total, 66 persons and 41 persons took part in this deployment.

Unfortunately, the efforts didn’t provide the desired result.

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