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August 15th
Search for a missing man in Germany, airforcebase Niederrhein. (more...)


For the second time the RHH was requested by the RHWW to participate in a large scale search action in Germany ( Airforcebase Niederrhein ). The missing person was a Polish natural of 37 years of age living in Germany. The combined search consisted out of 21 dogs and 29 personnel (RHWW, RHH, VRT, Kappa). The RHH brought in 4 dogs and 8 members. The missing subject was not found in the searched area.

August 11th
Search for a missing man in Spijk. (more...)

Search action in Spijk near the town of Lobith.
At request of the Rescue Dog Work group Westervoort (RHWW ), the RHH assisted with 7 dogs and 13 members a search action in Germany.
The subject was a missing male of 69 years old from Hauberg (G) who last was seen on the 8th of August in the township of Spijk. Besides the RHH and the RHWW also VRT and Kappa teams were present.

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In total 23 dogs and 32 personnel of various rescue organizations participated as well as a police detachment from Zevenaar. The search action was ended at 1 o'clock in the morning. The missing subject was not found in the search area.

May 15th
Search for a missing child in Luttelgeest. (more...)

During a regular RHH rubbletraining we received the request from the RHWZ to assist in a search for a 4 year old boy in Luttelgeest. The boy was missing since the 14th of may on the grounds of the AZC. Also teams of RWO assisted in this search. In a short while all the teams were present in Luttelgeest.
However, before the teams could be deployed, the firebrigade located the body of the child in the water nearby.
We wish the family lots of strenght with this loss.