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December 27th till 31
5-day deployment in Iran after a havy earthquake in the city of Bam. (more...)


Report of the deployment after the earthquake in Bam, Iran.

In the morning of December 26th at 05.28 am the city Bam (80.000 inhabitants) and vicinities were stricken by a 6.8 earthquake Richter scale.
Bam is located in the South-East of Iran, approximately 975 km from Teheran.

Estimated 80% of all building were collapsed.

At 11.30 am that morning the Red Cross put the RHH organization to go on "stand-by".
The sister organization of the Red Cross, "The Red Half Moon" , was requesting to send rescue dog teams. At 8.25 pm came the definite confirmation that the RHH will be deployed in Iran.

Assembly of the designated group was at follows:
5 dogs + handlers; 1 coordinator, 1 deployment leader and 2 logistics.

The Red Cross add a field assistant to this group.
On December 27th the group depart from Schiphol airport to Teheran airport with an overlay in Istanbul and from there to Bam.
In Bam the group was picked up by a member of the Red Halve Moon, who is working at the crisis centre.
Before the group went to the basis camp an orientation tour was made through the city. During this tour it became very fast clear that the survival chances of the victims were minimal due to the structure of the rubble.
At the crisis centre site tent camps were erected to house the rescue teams from all the different countries. The search areas in the city were divided into sectors by the Red Halve Moon and the representatives of the United Nations and the RHH was assigned the sector 4 together with the IRC (International Rescue Corps).
Besides this sector, RHH was requested to go with the IRC to towns in the North as no rescue teams had visit this area.
To great disappointment the RHH teams did not find in their designated search area any survivors still alive under the rubble.
At request of the coordination authorities the decision was made to reduce the search efforts and to increase the so necessary medical support.
The consequence was that the RHH group was ordered to leave Bam on Tuesday to go to Kerman from where a plane (KDC10) of the Dutch Air force transported the group at 10.45 pm to Istanbul. The next day this plane flew the group to Eindhoven, arriving at 5.15 pm.

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