If a person or persons are lost in a wide inhabited area, like forests, dunes or deserts, the dogs are accomplishing complete searches replacing tens of human searchers.

These rescue dogs search a well defined area systematically in a very short time.

By using the bringsel, the dog notifies the handler a victim has been found.

A bringsel is a small tube, attached by a breakaway cord to the collar of the dog. As the dog has found a victim, the dog will take the bringsel in his mouth and return to the handler to present the bringsel.

The handler then knows the dog has found a victim and will be lead by the dog to the location of the victim.

This method of alerting the handler is considered less threatening to the victim compared to a dog barking at the victim's location.

Especially with the finding of children or elderly people the bringsel method is considered much more friendlier.

Within the RHH two kinds of bringsels are used.

RHH © | 2 soorten bringsel
a hanging and a "Norwegian"
RHH © | normaal hangend bringsel
A hanging bringsel
RHH © | Noors bringsel
A "Norwegian" bringsel