Visitors of the RHH.

RHH as a public service organization welcomes visitors to observe and/or participate in the RHH day training sessions on Saturdays or Sundays between the hours of 10.00 am and 5.00 pm. (Rain or sunshine). RHH members train throughout The Netherlands at all kind of locations. Wrecked building like hospitals, retirement homes, Abbeys and large complexes of homes, etc.

It would be highly appreciated if you volunteered during your visit to play the part of victim to be hiding in the woods or under rubble. Of class care will be taken for your safety. It is very important for the rescue dogs to work with the sent of unknown persons in order not to get conditioned to the sent of the RHH members.
Not only for the dogs but also for the handlers it is useful to learn about the experiences of the visitors.
Several visitors reports can be read here.

Per training session a maximum of 3 visitors are allowed to assure that they get full attention during the session. If you are interested (without dogs) to see the RHH teams training at location than please contact RHH by submitting the visitors request form. You will be contacted by Kim Vellekoop for confirmation.