Who and what is the RHH?

The Reddingshonden Hulpdienst Holland (RHH) is a voluntary organization with the purpose to train and deploy rescue dog teams.

A rescue dog team consists of a dog handler and a rescue dog.

Rescue dogs are deployed on request from authorities or private individuals to assist in the search for buried persons in the rubble of collapsed buildings, caused by for example earthquakes and explosions, or on the ground search for missing persons in wide open inhabited areas.

The RHH was founded in 1979 and has a working agreement with the Red Cross organization.
During the many years of search and rescue participation in large and small disasters (Armenia, Turkey, Iran and many search and rescue actions in The Netherlands), RHH has acquired a great expertise in this field.

The RHH is happy to participate in disaster exercises with the police and fire departments as well.

All members of the RHH (dog handlers and deployment coördinators etc.) work 100% voluntary.